Every home and business is different. So it’s important to choose a provider that offers a variety of fixed and flexible plans that fit your needs. We can help you find a plan that’s best for you, at a competitive price—and make the whole experience fast and easy.

Check out our plans for your area below. Switching takes just a few minutes, and can be the best energy decision you make all year.

Fixed Rate

CenterPoint Energy Service’s Fixed Rate plan gives you security and stability regardless of what happens to market prices and utility rates. For the term of your contract, you can rest assured you will have a fair, fixed price you can plan your budget on.

Market Index Rate

The Index Price plan gives you the freedom of a rate that tracks with the market cost of gas. Your natural gas rate may change monthly—so if the market index decreases, your rate goes down with it. If you’re concerned about increasing market prices, you can always change to the Fixed Rate plan by calling us at any time.

Managed Price

With a Managed Price plan, CenterPoint Energy Services monitors the market to deliver a competitive rate all year long—reducing your exposure to increases in market prices and letting you take advantage of price decreases. Our managed rate plans offer low prices. Your price may adjust monthly as our energy managers work to deliver you a competitive rate.

Here's all you'll need to make the switch to Centerpoint Energy Services:

A current natural gas bill with
your utility account information

Your service address where we’re
going to supply the natural gas

Your name and
contact information