The 2017 Wyoming Choice default rates are listed below:

Division Fixed Rate Market Index Rate
Casper $0.434 CIG + $0.139
Gillette $0.469 CIG + $0.159
Torrington $0.639 CIG + $0.329

Rate Offerings for the 2017–2018 Wyoming Choice Program

For the most up to date pricing information, please contact us directly at 877-807-5193.

Comparison of Rate Options
The pricing options offered by the Choice Gas Suppliers generally consist of two types of pricing; fixed and variable. These general pricing types are combined in various ways to make up the price offerings. View a comparison of the rate offerings. The pricing options offered by the Choice Gas Suppliers generally consist of two types of pricing; fixed and variable. These general pricing types are combined in various ways to make up the price offerings. View a comparison of the rate offerings.

Pricing Type % of Price Fixed Pricing Info Known Forward Looking Fixed Items Good For
Fixed Rate 100% Pricing for all volumes used Yes. Rate Is same each month Entire Choice Gas year
Index (Market) Rate 0% Index adder Yes. Index value changes monthly. Adder constant Entire Choice Gas year
Blended (Fixed Blend) Rate Varies. Any fixed portion of rate is 100% Fixed price, Index adder and fixed price volume Yes. Index value changes montly. % fixed, fixed price and adder are constant Entire Choice Gas year
WinterSecure (Fixed Monthly Bill) 100%; Volume is also fixed Total gas and distribution cost Yes. Payment same each month Entire Choice Gas year
Pass-On Rate (Regulated) Some but not defined currently about 30% year-around Current rate only Partially. Also has a true-up component from the past Until next rate filing

Fixed Prices
The fixed prices are just that; a price that is constant for the entire period over which it is offered. This pricing option is forward-looking in that the fixed price is established before the gas is consumed. The price is guaranteed to be the price offered – no changes, no surprises. The fixed price is low risk to the customer and the supplier bears most of the risk, resulting in a price which is relatively higher than with market-responsive pricing. This is a good choice when price certainty or adhering to a budget is important.

Variable Prices
Variable prices are prices that follow the wholesale gas market. There are two general types of “indexes” which are used to establish market index rates. The first is the NYMEX Natural Gas futures contract and the second are indexes published by certain gas trade journals who poll buyers and sellers to establish gas pricing in certain geographic areas. Some of these are pipeline indexes (CIG Rockies, Northwest Pipeline Rockies) and some are at market centers (Opal Hub, Cheyenne Hub). For the Wyoming area, the pipeline or market center indexes reflecting Rockies pricing generally are a better basis for market index pricing. The disadvantage of these indexes is that they are not readily available to anyone not subscribing to the particular journal. Market index prices are generally quoted in two parts; the index value and the adder. The index value represents the value of wholesale gas into the pipeline or at the market center represented by that index. The adder includes all the other costs to deliver the gas into the distribution system, including upstream transportation (if applicable), risk costs and margin. The adder is constant for the entire Choice Gas Program year while the index value changes from month-to-month. Market index rates expose the customer to monthly gas price changes, but protect the customer from daily price fluctuations. The price represented by the index value plus the adder is the same for the entire month.

WinterSecure (Fixed Monthly Bill)
(Please Note this is not Balanced Billing)
A fixed monthly bill that includes your commodity costs, customer charges, distribution fees and the associated taxes and fees. The fixed monthly amount will not change during the Choice Gas Program year, regardless of changes to gas prices or weather-related gas usage, subject to terms and conditions. Unlike Balanced Billing, there is no monthly or periodic adjustment. Please call a customer service representative at 877-807-5193 to receive a WinterSecure Fixed Monthly Billing price quote.

WinterSecure Monthly Payment Agreement

Choice Gas Suppliers offer rates which combine fixed prices with variable prices or different variable prices. These are generally known as blended rates. Blends of fixed and variable prices give customers the benefits of having some of their gas costs known, while being able to have the rest market responsive. In this way a customer can spread the price risk to a portion of the load or even to a time of year.

Pass-On Rate (Regulated Rate)
This rate is offered by the utility, Black Hills, under the oversight of the Wyoming Public Service Commission. It is different from any of the rates offered by the Choice Gas Suppliers in that it is a pure pass-on of actual costs incurred with no margin. It is also different because it consists of a forward looking estimate of costs and a true-up of past costs. For a particular period the gas cost collected from customers is compared to the actual gas cost. Any difference between collections and actual costs, positive or negative, is passed on to the customers under this rate in the subsequent period. The Pass-On Rate is changed at least every three-to-six months, but can be changed more often if market conditions dictate. Since it is based on an estimate with a true-up, it is difficult to know what the Pass-On Rate will be for more than the current period. Additionally, the Pass-On rate is partially hedged (has a fixed price component) but the exact percentage hedged or the fixed price portion are not known until Black Hills makes its filing, which in all probability will be done after the selection period.

Wyoming Choice Gas Program Service Areas

Torrington Division
Douglas, Ft.Laramie, Glendo, Glenrock, Guernsey, Hartville, Lingle, Lusk, Torrington Wheatland

Casper Division
Arapahoe, Bairoil, Bar Nunn, Casper, Edgerton, Ethete, Evansville, Ft.Washakie, Hanna, Hudson, Jeffrey City, Lander, Laramie, Medicine Bow, Midwest, Mills, Rawlins, Riverton, Saratoga, Shoshoni, Sinclair

Gillette Division
Gillette, Moorcroft, Newcastle, Upton, Wright